Who am I ?

Since I was a child, I am passionate about the Middle Ages, and I decided that my passion would become my everyday life and my work. Since 2011, I have my professional card as tour guide, and I have had the possibility to get an extensive public discover Tours and its surroundings.

What I like in this work is to speak about the great History of France in a simple and comprehensible way for everybody, and to spend a nice time sharing with the people I am guiding.

In my visits, I approach architecture, important historical incidents, important characters who have marked our History, the evolution of cities and monuments, the everday life and I like to share some anecdotes.

Tour Guide

In France, the guide profession is regulated by the article L.221-1 of the touristic code, which determines the conditions of travel organisation and selling, and regulates the visit conditions in museums and historical monuments.
The professional card is mandatory to perform guided tours in museums and historical monuments, and the conditions are fixed by the article R.221-1 of touristic code.


Historical fun and informal visit of Tours

Historical, fun and informal visit of the city of Tours

This visit is an opportunity for young and old to discover the emblematic places of this beautiful city with fun activities allowing to understand its heritage differently. A moment of exchange, learning and play.

Tours General Tour

Tours - General Tour

From the “Cité” district to the “Châteauneuf” district, this way you can discover the city's evolution and the great districts and monuments of Tours.

Tours Cité district

Tours - "Cité" district

Discovering of the birth place of Tours and the important monuments and places, such as the cathedral.

Tours Châteauneuf district

Tours - "Châteauneuf" district

Discovering of the main places of the "old Tours”, such as the Plumereau Place.

Loches The Royal City

Loches - The Royal City

You will discover this historical jewel that is the royal city of Loches, which has a rich history that covers more than 400 years. You will live the history of this city where important characters, such as Charles VII, Joan of Arc and Agnès Sorel came to stay or visit.

Loches General Tour

Loches - General Tour

To discover the whole city: the low city with its magnificent stately homes, and then the upper city, with the royal city and its surprising Saint-Ours church.

Amboise Castle

Amboise Castle

Jewel of the French Renaissance architecture, the castle, which overhangs the Loire Valley, you will walk in the footsteps of important characters such as Charles VIII and Francis 1st.

Langeais Castle

Langeais Castle

This splendid castle, where rooms contain an exceptional collection of furniture, is the perfect occasion to see an example of a stately residence from the 15th century. But it is also rich in history for many reasons including the secret marriage of Charles VIII and Anne of Brittany.

Chenonceau Castle

Chenonceau Castle

This castle stands out amongst others because of its unique architecture, the “Ladies Castle” as we often name it, welcomed great feminine characters, such as Diane of Poitiers and Catherine of Medicis. Moreover, it possesses a marvelous collection of furniture, paintings and tapestries, which decorate its magnificent rooms.

Chambord Castle

Chambord Castle

A symbol of the reign of Francis the 1st, Chambord is the most significant and monumental of the castles in the Loire Valley. This jewel of the 'Garden of France' is located in the biggest castle demesne and park in Europe. It is full of the symbols of power of Francois the 1st.
This visit through the grandiose architecture is a way of understanding the life at the court when Francis the 1st was king, and the desire of the king to show himself as equal to God on earth.

Clos Lucé Castle

Clos Lucé Castle

This gothic manor, at first called the 'Palzio del Cloux', is famous thanks to one of the most important and charismatic characters of the Renaissance : Leonardo Da Vinci.
The artist, engineer and visionary spent the last three years of his life living here, and this visit will let you discover his life, his work and his desire for a better understanding of the world around him, .

Villandry Castle

Villandry Castle

The last of the Renaissance castles built in the Loire Valley, it is surprising to see the mixture of different periods. Behind the façade from the 16th century, you will discover 18th and 19th century interiors.
Comfort, luxury and art are everywhere.

The Gardens at Villandry

The Gardens at Villandry

Considered by many as the most beautiful of the age, The gardens at Villandry were the life's work and vision of Joachim Carvallo, the owner of the castle in the 19th century.
He was inspired to recreate these historical gardens in the classical french style using historical texts, with themes such as love, the sun…
An essential visit for people passionate about horticulture, garden design and medicinal plants.

Azay le Rideau


This castle, built by one of the chancellors of Francis the 1st is a beautiful example of Renaissance architecture in the Loire Valley with its sumptuous staircase and its unique water mirror.
During this tour, we will see how life was for the important owners and inhabitants of the 16th until the 19th centuries

Blois Castle

Blois Castle

This important place for our kings during the Renaissance period is a mosaic of different architecture styles : Gothic, Renaissance and Classical.
It became a royal castle as King Louis XII , The Earl of Blois, came to the throne.
The castle was used by Catherine of Medicis and Henri II for entertaining and grand balls, but it is also famous because of a darker event : the assassination of the Duke de Guise.



  • Castle visit from 150€, city tour from 135€
  • Entry to monuments not included.
  • Payment form :
    • In cash to the guide at the beginning of the visit.
    • By bank transfer (IBAN + BIC code obligatory for all international transfer).
  • For any other request, please ask to draw up an estimate.
In order to contact me, feel free to use this form, or call me at +33 614 101 351

Loches Castle

Loches Castle